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Some think that success in the business world comes from, “not what you know, but who you know.” At Martin Grant Associates, we believe that both competency and connections are key to the growth of individuals and the companies they work for. We offer up more than 56 years of highly specialized insurance knowledge and ardently maintained relationships with the most talented professionals in our sector to organizations in need of staffing help.

When you choose Martin Grant’s team of experienced insurance recruiters, you’re choosing a lifelong partner in growing your business and adding the best and brightest insurance professionals to your staff. Think of us as an extension of your internal hiring team. Your hiring success is our success too.

Whether you are an insurance broker, consulting firm or direct provider, your day to day is already a busy one. The competitive nature of the current insurance hiring market makes filling open insurance jobs all the more difficult. Our goal is to leverage our experience and resources to make your job easier and more likely to result in a successful placement.

Connect With Higher Quality Insurance Candidates

We wouldn’t be working in the business of national insurance recruitment if all we wanted to do was push paper. Job boards can be a great tool but the reality is that broad listings often results in a high volume of unqualified candidates for you to sort through. Unlike less specialized recruiting firms, we are diligent about aligning the needs of top companies with the career aspirations of talented professionals. When it comes time to connect with our chosen insurance professionals, trust that they have the skills, goals, and personalities to best fit your open positions.

Save Time in the Hiring Process

Rather than waste valuable time and energy combing through applicants, we do the heavy lifting of screening candidates and conducting initial interviews. In saving time during the search and evaluation process, you can make swifter and more informed decisions about candidates and be agile in today’s difficult hiring landscape.

Get an Edge in the Competitive Insurance Hiring Market

It’s no secret that insurance talent is in high demand in today’s hiring market. Our network is built on 56 years of forming and preserving relationships and is exclusive to Martin Grant Associates, giving you access to a resource that your competitors don’t have. Likewise, working with our insurance recruiters provides benefits to the candidates, who receive coaching and guidance that lands them in their ideal roles.

Leverage Our Specialty Areas

The insurance industry itself is a broad sector with varying needs on each level. Our insurance recruiters have spent years building knowledge and ties to a specific area of the insurance sector. We have insurance recruiters who specialize in Property & Casualty, Employee Benefits, Managed Care, and Financial Services and can provide you with hyper-focused staffing services.

Build Lasting Relationships in the Insurance Industry

Above all, insurance recruitment from Martin Grant comes with the potential for a lifelong relationship. We are beyond proud to call many insurance executives, hiring managers, and brilliant insurance professionals our longtime partners and friends. When you enter the busy season, have a special project that needs staffing, or come across unforeseen hiring needs, we’ll be there to jump in and find you a solution. Together we can grow and improve the industry we love by connecting the right people with one another.

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