Boutique Health Insurance Recruiters

Managed care organizations have blossomed in size and scope in recent years, generating massive demand for healthcare insurance professionals that can meet the specific needs of a managed care delivery system.

We know this is a fast-paced industry and you’re often too busy doing your job to put extensive time and energy into in-house recruiting. But traditional staffing services and headhunters often don’t provide the kind of expertise to select quality managed care insurance candidates and can end up costing you in the long run. Your growing organization is facing high turnover and shortage of new candidates, and you can’t waste time waiting for the right professional find their way to you.

Take the pressure off your internal hiring team and give the reins to our specialized health insurance recruiters, who exclusively work in the insurance industry to ensure you get the expertise you deserve. We can quickly and skillfully locate and connect you with highly qualified medical underwriters, healthcare risk managers, and other managed care professionals.

Time is of the essence when it comes to filling roles in your managed care organization and we want to help you leverage every avenue to hiring the right healthcare professional. Martin Grant is here to open doors for you to a network of qualified individuals.

Find Managed Care Insurance Mastery

Did you know that more than 75% of US patients receive healthcare from a managed care organization? Managed care insurance professionals help customers understand and navigate the often-confusing healthcare landscape and choose a health plan that fits their needs and budget.

Not only does this mean that healthcare management is a vital skill, but it also means there is a huge competition for individuals who can boast that expertise.

It takes hard work and commitment to acquire and maintain licensure as a health insurance agent. Coupled with rapidly changing technology, regulations, and standards in the managed care industry, there are often few professionals who meet all the requirements that don’t already have positions.

But your organization’s medical underwriting, claims, healthcare risk management, and compliance needs aren’t going anywhere fast. You need to actively recruit for these positions to avoid the risk of overworking your current team and causing more unwanted turnover.

How can you counteract the slow search process and bring new and long-lasting talent to your managed care organization? It’s an overwhelming question intensified by the fierce competition among managed care employers. It might be time to get some specialized recruiting help.

Arm your internal recruiting team with the help of Martin Grant’s experienced insurance recruiters to increase the reach of your health insurance job listings.

Working With Specialized Health Insurance Recruiters

Unlike other headhunters, Martin Grant made the decision to focus our efforts and build our expertise in the insurance industry. We stay up to date on the changes and challenges of working in the health sector and have insurance recruiters who specialize in this area. We constantly endeavor to build and maintain relationships within our tremendous network of managed care professionals—a network that we’ve been building for 56 years.

With Martin Grant, you don’t have to worry about sorting through or wasting time on unqualified candidates. We know your needs and struggles and are here to make the best match for you.

Managed Care Roles We Recruit

We have experience solving a variety of workforce challenges that cover a range of managed care insurance roles.

  • Account Executive: Property and Casualty Healthcare
  • Account Manager: Property and Casualty Healthcare
  • Assistant Account Manager: Managed Care
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Configuration
  • Care Management
  • Claims
  • Clinical Coding
  • Contracting
  • Credentialing
  • Disease management
  • Enrollment
  • Health Informatics Analyst
  • Healthcare Data Analyst
  • HEDIS Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Managed Care Analyst or Specialist
  • Managed Care Property and Casualty Account Manager
  • Managed Care Underwriter
  • Medical Director
  • Medical Economics
  • Medical Reimbursement
  • Member Marketing
  • Network Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Practice Leader: Property and Casualty Healthcare
  • Producer Property and Casualty Healthcare
  • Program Manager: Property and Casualty Healthcare
  • Project Management
  • Provider Audit
  • Provider Contracting
  • Provider Relations
  • Quality Management
  • Reimbursement
  • RN Case Manager
  • Utilization Review
  • Vice President

Managed care insurance is a continually changing industry, with new or evolving positions. Don’t worry if you don’t see your company’s specific role. We are happy to leverage our 56 years of insurance expertise for whatever job opening you’re looking to fill. The first step to hiring success is to get in touch with our insurance recruiters to start a discussion around how we connect you to the right candidates.

Our Health Insurance Recruiting Process

We know how much stress and strain the recruiting process can bring to internal team members. We want nothing more than to help you get back to the work you’re most passionate about by making your hiring decision as smooth and effortless as possible. It all starts with connecting you to your ideal candidates using a variety of sourcing and screening strategies.

Managed Care Candidate Search Process

At Martin Grant, we pride ourselves in being a small but mighty team. Our group of highly specialized Certified Personnel Consultants provide your managed care organization with all the benefits of a boutique operation with the addition of national reach in the insurance industry. Every assignment is just as unique as the people we recruit to fill them. It’s our job to employ both our existing network of talent and active candidate outreach strategies to bring only the most qualified candidates to your door.

We maintain an ongoing directory of health insurance professionals who are actively seeking new roles and may be a good fit for your company’s needs, vision, and culture. Additionally, we’ll identify passive job seekers with the right set of skills and experience to truly shine at your organization. We even have outreach strategies for managed care professionals who are “off the grid!” With a wealth or personal and professionals connections at our backs, you can rest assured that our insurance recruiters will be hard at work getting in touch with the right people.

In-House Screening

A flood of impressive resumes does not always correlate with a successful hire. It’s one thing to submit a digital application and another to awe hiring managers during the interview process. One of our biggest goals is to save you from the hassle and time suck of reviewing written credentials. Our recruiters take the next step to conduct live screenings before connecting our chosen health insurance professionals with you.

We spend time screening and grooming each candidate, whether they are applying as a data analyst or account executive. We’ll spend time discussing their skills, experience, and career goals before deciding where they can make the best match. To do so, we want to know all about your company culture, workflow, and specific hiring needs to form long-term relationships and make day 1 of their job as seamless as possible.

Meet Your Health Insurance Recruiting Partners

We’ll be spending lots of time working directly with your team to come to a successful hiring decision, so we ought to get to know each other! Our best clients are the ones with whom we form ongoing relationships and are treated like extensions of your hiring department.

Say hello to the incredible health insurance recruiters who will be your partners on the journey to growing your managed care organization. And don’t be afraid to get in touch with them directly, we’re always ready to pick up the phone and get talking!

Find Your Ideal Managed Care Professional

What do you say to forming a partnership that will add medical underwriters, healthcare risk managers, and even VPs to your team? Get access to a network built on 56 years of relationships in the insurance industry and learn more about working with Martin Grant by contacting us. Give us a call, we look forward to providing you with the best insurance recruiting services available today!

Have Other Insurance Positions to Fill?

The needs of managed care organizations can often go beyond hiring health insurance professionals. Lucky for you, our insurance recruiting extends to two other practice areas within the insurance sector. Find comprehensive staffing solutions for your business.

Our Practice Areas

Are You a Health Insurance Professional?

Interested in finding your perfect managed care position and employer? You could be the managed care candidate we’re looking for. By joining our network of professionals, you gain access to our personal relationships with hiring managers across the nation. Whether you just to improve your resume, learn how to speak to your strengths, or find the job opening that’s right for your skill set, we’re here to help. Take the next step in your managed care career and get connected with employers. Check out the available health insurance jobs from our partners or get in touch with us to start working towards your ideal position.