Boutique Employee Benefits Recruiter

We understand that businesses in the insurance sector have a wide range of needs and specialized requirements that make traditional staffing services frustrating. With the high demand for talented labor, you don’t have the time to weed through unqualified candidates from outside your industry. You need employee benefits professionals with the skills and experience to meet your needs.

Unlike other headhunters and staffing agencies, we exclusively service organizations within the insurance sector and are always growing and leveraging our vast network of insurance professionals to quickly bring you talented employee benefits specialists.

The job of a benefits consultant and other benefits professionals touches so many employees within a business and finding the right talent in today’s market can make all the difference in forming those long-term relationships.

Employee Benefits Expertise at Your Fingertips

Employee benefits consultants, benefits analysts, other benefits positions are often essential team members in an organization’s mission to attract and retain clients.

They are not only crucial to building your company’s book of business, the best employee benefits advisors also actively seek opportunities to sweeten benefits programs, cross-sell services, and ultimately grow your accounts.

The benefits positions we recruit for require high level benefits strategy and are often filled by individuals with proven track records in the insurance industry. With an experienced benefits strategist on your side who will cultivate your accounts, you can achieve high retention and growth.

Beyond high level strategy, what your company sometimes needs most is an employee benefits analyst who can handle paperwork, compliance documentation, and keep your company up to date on changing industry standards, saving you time and money.

The trouble is, hiring for these essential roles can be difficult—especially in today’s competitive hiring market. How do you find the right candidates, market your benefits job listings, and review applications efficiently? Even more importantly, how do you move quickly in the hiring process when competing against other hungry insurance companies seeking the same talent?

With the help of Martin Grant’s dedicated insurance recruiters, you could be connecting with experienced employee benefits professionals instead of losing valuable time chasing after unfit applicants or aiming in the dark.

Working With Specialized Employee Benefits Recruiters

Employers need to be nimble and act fast to acquire the best talent for employee benefits jobs. Partnering with an insurance recruiting pro like Martin Grant can open doors to our tremendous network of insurance talent built over the last 56 years, and can help your company quickly seize opportunities to hire quality employees for lasting relationships.

We can’t say it enough, the market for insurance talent today is difficult to navigate. Don’t go alone. Partner with the team at Martin Grant to leverage every avenue to acquire high quality benefits experts.

Employee Benefits Roles We Recruit

With our extended tenure in the insurance industry, we’ve placed quality candidates in a wide range of employee benefits positions and can help funnel the right applicants to each unique role.

  • Employee Benefits Advisor
  • Employee Benefits Consultant
  • Employee Benefits Analyst
  • Benefits Account Manager
  • Employee Benefits Underwriter
  • Employee Benefits Financial Analyst
  • Benefits Account Executive
  • Benefits Assistant
  • Employee Benefits Sales
  • Benefits Marketing Analyst
  • Benefits Marketing Representative

Don’t see the role you need filled on this list? Don’t worry! Every company is unique, and our 56 years of insurance expertise may still be useful in your hiring process even if the role you’re recruiting for isn’t a common one. Just get in touch with our insurance recruiters to start a conversation about how we can help you unlock ideal candidates today!

Our Employee Benefits Recruiting Process

At Martin Grant, we aren’t just another staffing agency looking to fill a role. We aim to be your trusted partner in recruiting the right staff to fill out your team. For each assignment, we use a variety of sourcing and screening strategies that demonstrate our boutique approach.

Candidate Search Process

We are a small team of highly specialized Certified Personnel Consultants with a national reach in the insurance sector. For each assignment, we not only look to our existing database of talent, but we also do active outreach to bring new faces into our network.

This means identifying both active employee benefits candidates and passive job seekers with the desired skills and experience to suit the role. Our individual recruiters are hard at work doing personal outreach in their particular territory while the Martin Grant brand is leveraged to reach targeted audiences through organic and paid LinkedIn strategies.

In-House Screening

Anyone can submit a resume online that can appear impressive but what often makes the difference in hiring decisions is the live evaluation process. Before bringing candidates to you, we thoroughly review their written credentials as well as conduct initial phone screenings.

This is no blind date—the employee benefits consultants we bring to you are screened and groomed to be your match. We do the heavy lifting of digging into how they will fit into your company so that your hiring decision is as smooth as possible. This means a shorter hiring process where your internal hiring manager is putting their energy towards only the most promising employee benefits candidates.

Meet Your Benefits Recruiting Partners

We want to work directly with you to find the best employee benefits professionals in the industry today. Of course, that means we want to get to know you as a company and any of the hiring managers or team members who will be involved in the process. It also means we want you to know us.

Meet the talented recruiters who will be with you every step of the journey—you’ll probably want to add them to your favorite contacts, we’ll be in touch!

Find Your Ideal Employee Benefits Candidate

Ready to form a partnership that will take your team to the next level? Access our tremendous network of insurance talent and learn more about working with our team by contacting us. You can call us anytime, anywhere, we’re always ready to get talking!

Have Other Insurance Positions to Fill?

Our insurance recruiting specialties go beyond just employee benefits professionals. Learn more about our other practice areas and how we can find you a hiring solution below.

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Are You an Employee Benefits Professional?

If you made it this far, you must be interested in our boutique recruiting service. You may be just the expert we’re looking to place with one of our partner companies! In addition to bringing organizations and candidates together, we also work with candidates to improve their resumes, help them understand their strengths, and find the perfect role for them. We’ve built some incredible, close relationships with hiring managers across the industry and can help you make the connections that lead to the next step in your career.

Check out the available employee benefits jobs from our partners or get in touch with us to start working towards your perfect place of work.