Recruiting Services for Employers Throughout the Insurance Industry

We treat the employers we work with as our partners and the center of our entire business model. Your goals and needs are top priority for our insurance headhunters. We know the objective of every hire is to connect with a skilled employee who will be part of your team for the long run and help your business grow. Putting trust in someone else for the recruiting and hiring process is therefore a big decision.

We’re prepared to earn that trust and prove to your insurance company that our recruiting services will be an asset to your business and its growth.

There are a lot of factors that go into making a good placement. We look not just at qualifications and experience but at a candidate’s work style, where they are in their insurance career path, how they could fit in with your company’s culture, and the long-term goals for both parties.

This approach has brought us more than fifty years of success in matching qualified insurance professionals with organizations of all different shapes and sizes.

Types of Insurance Organizations We Serve

With plenty of years under our belts we’ve seen the insurance industry go through a torrent of changes. That also means our team of insurance recruiters have had the pleasure of forming relationships with a range of insurance organizations, each bringing a different perspective and needs to the table. Whether your organization is small or large our expertise could be just the tool you need to grow.

  • Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Insurance Consulting Firms
  • Broker General Agencies
  • Fin-Tech Companies

Distinct Insurance Recruiting for Distinct Insurance Specialties

Each sector of the insurance industry is unique, with distinct challenges and requirements for success. We’ve built a deep understanding of those verticals that informs every step of our insurance recruiting process. Explore the insurance specialties we cover and meet the insurance recruiters from our team who focus in each area.

Our Practice Areas

How to Become a Partner of Martin Grant Associates

The first step to finding the right candidates for your insurance job openings is getting in touch with Martin Grant Associates. You can fill out our contact form, ring our offices, or connect directly with one of our recruiters to get the conversation started. Don’t be shy, we’re always ready to help!

Introduce Us to Your Insurance Firm

One of the keys to insurance recruiting success comes from building a deep understanding of our clients’ insurance organizations and the specific needs of their open positions. Think of it like going on a date. The best relationships start with getting to know one another.

When you begin a partnership with Martin Grant Associates, we want to know everything about you. In your contact form, include anything that you think is important for us to know as we begin our search for your ideal candidates. That means everything from the challenges you’ve had in finding insurance talent to the ways you like to show appreciation towards successful employees, or how your staff likes to celebrate the end of a work week.

Did you know that according to a LinkedIn poll of over 26,000 people, 66% of job seekers consider a company’s culture and values the most important factor when evaluating employers or changing jobs?

So, your insurance firm’s personality and goals are vital pieces of information to us in helping make the right match between you and candidates looking to take the next step in their insurance career path. And don’t worry, we’ll be asking lots of questions, so if you don’t know how to acquaint us with your insurance company, we’ll jump on the phone and guide you.

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Guaranteed Confidentiality

Finally, we want to make it clear that when you choose to work with Martin Grant, your confidentiality is guaranteed. Insurance recruiting is a competitive market, especially with the tight pool of insurance candidates. It’s in our best interest to identify and place insurance professionals with companies that are their best fit, and that means maintaining privacy. Your organization’s information and hiring process is safe with us.