4 Tips to Mentor and Stay in Touch With Your Teams Remotely

By now, most organizations within the insurance industry know the benefits and shortcomings associated with remote work. One key area of concern, especially as the pandemic persists, is how to continue to help develop and mentor employees while so much of our worklives are taking place at home.  

It’s long been understood that supporting employee development is key to engagement, productivity, and, most importantly, retention. 

Undoubtedly, imparting your wisdom and genuinely impacting your teams is a whole different ball game when trying to do it remotely. The following tips focus specifically on managing those work-from-home challenges to elevate your employees’ performance. 

1. Hone Your Onboarding Processes 

Mentorship starts right from the beginning of somebody’s employment. Onboarding is a tried and true method to ensure a new team member starts contributing ASAP. 

Furthermore, organizations with strong onboarding processes experience retain their new hires at a 50% higher rate than those without. 

When lacking the benefit of interacting in physical spaces, new employees face obstacles in finding their footing. Beyond that, keeping up with your freshly hired talent’s latest milestones and giving recognition where recognition is due isn’t so seamless in these remote circumstances.

For starters, leaders must leverage video conferencing technology. Compared to phone calls, emails, or chat messages, this helps you establish a more meaningful connection and honest relationship. 

Create a check-in schedule with your new team members based on projects. Ensure the times you set are convenient for you and your employees. Also, establish with candidates and current talent that you’re open to questions, feedback, and open communication.

2. Be Open and Available No Matter What 

The insurance industry is rife with complexities that can confuse even the most expert talents. These nuances tend to go beyond your initial clarifying explanation. In fact, it’s likely that for trickier work, your team might need continual help. 

Show that you’re open to being asked for help. Show that you understand the unique challenges of working during these times and you’re here to give support as much as possible. 

Beyond establishing that welcoming vibe, work toward picking up on the signals that your team members are stifled but hesitant to speak up. In a physical space, this task might be straightforward. But with remote work, project management/tracking software is a must. 

3. Cultivate Culture and Community 

Video conferencing platforms allow you to connect with your team. It’s possible to implement happy hours and conference calls among peers through these technologies. 

This approach is two-pronged. It gives your people the chance to relate with you on a more personal level. Alternatively, giving everyone a chance to talk on a deeper level allows them to mentor and teach one another. 

Also, don’t limit yourself to video conferencing. 

People often lament how remote interactions make it hard to socialize. However, social media and other places – such as Reddit – suggest otherwise. You can offer a forum or group chat that doesn’t incorporate a camera. Your team can ask questions on these platforms and seek guidance from various organizational leaders and colleagues. 

4.       Be Flexible (Within Reason) and Avoid Micromanaging

Mentors won’t get the best out of mentees in a remote-work scenario if they aren’t flexible. Being too rigid with deadlines and work hours during these challenging times might alienate your employees. 

You’ll find that by empowering and entrusting your team to put their best foot forward without your iron fist or nitpicking, they’ll flourish and thrive.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be a pushover. Boundaries are a must. Still, giving your team lots of rope often leads to them climbing to new heights and growing into their potential.

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