Getting Beyond the Resume: How to Assess & Hire for Skills vs Experience

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Getting Beyond the Resume: How to Assess & Hire for Skills vs Experience

Have you read dozens of sometimes nearly identical resumes in search of the right candidate for an open role at your insurance organization? Are your eyes beginning to get blurry? Are you dismayed with how few make it into your ‘maybe’ or ‘yes’ piles? With 56 years in the insurance recruiting industry, we have hundreds […]

Pros & Cons of Countering a Job Offer to Retain Insurance Talent

Continually building and advancing the skills of your team of insurance professionals is perhaps the most essential element to your organization’s success and growth. But as America faces the Great Resignation, with almost 3% of the workforce quitting their jobs in 2021, doing this has become a challenge. Losing employees, and with them the knowledge […]

4 Challenges of Remote Recruiting and How to Overcome Them

Hiring in today’s largely hybrid work environment looks much different than it did five–or even just two–years ago. Raise your hand if your recruiting and hiring process has changed somehow in the last few years. Chances are it includes more video calls than you ever expected. In fact, your company may have adopted an entirely […]

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page to Attract Candidates

We know that the search for a candidate to fill a recently opened role at your insurance organization can often be a scramble. While the position is empty, your team loses valuable time and energy filling in for the extra work and searching for the right candidate. Trust us, we get that time is of […]

What the Gen Z & Millennial Workforce Look for in an Insurance Employer

Millennial and Gen Z recruiting is a hot topic in the hiring market right now, and for good reason. For more than a decade, employers across industries have been asking questions about how these younger generations of employees differ from their predecessors. What are their behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs? And more importantly, how can companies […]

4 Tips to Mentor and Stay in Touch With Your Teams Remotely

By now, most organizations within the insurance industry know the benefits and shortcomings associated with remote work. One key area of concern, especially as the pandemic persists, is how to continue to help develop and mentor employees while so much of our worklives are taking place at home.   It’s long been understood that supporting employee […]

4 Retention Tips for the Post-COVID Workplace

Throughout the insurance industry, employee retention has become a growing problem. This notion is supported by the turnover rate being an alarming 12%. Coupled with unexpected retirements and an unemployment rate that is far less than the national average.  It’s a war for Talent! During these trying times, elevated employee turnover rates are something you […]

The Business Case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A few weeks ago, we shared some tips on how to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.  In the intro, we cheekily referred to some well-respected studies that provide evidence for a correlation between increased diversity and increased performance on various business metrics.  Looking back, we thought we might have done our readers a […]

Creating a Diverse Workplace: Practical Steps You Can Take

Questions and topics surrounding diversity and inclusion have recently captured the attention of the nation. And rightly so.  In the workplace, aside from the fundamental “rightness” of the concept, diversity in the workplace has numerous, measurable benefits for the organizations that have created an environment to foster it.  Simply put, diverse workforces outperform workforces that […]

Sneak Peek: Top 5 Recruiting & Talent Engagement Strategies to Ensure a Quicker Recovery

Not entirely without some level of trepidation, states are advancing into their reopening stages and many organizations are looking to restock their teams after the wide-ranging layoffs in March. Some states are having more success than others.  Regardless of exactly when your organization will be ready to ramp up hiring, that time will come. And […]